Terms and Conditions - Users

Last updated: April 21st, 2013

Agreement to ‘User Terms and Guidelines’

The “User Terms and Conditions” are written to be detailed but as user-friendly as possible. In using Wojolo’s database, users are agreeing to these terms, including all future amendments. Wojolo reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions

2. Search Engine

3. Basic Business Info

4. Opening Hours

5. Links

6. Brochures

7. Feature Stories

8. Photos

9. Privacy Policy

10. Contact Us

1. Definitions

1.1      Wojolo: the website www.wojolo.com or the local representatives of the corporation Wojolo Search Engine Inc.

1.2      User: anyone using Wojolo’s services to find business information.

1.3      Business: any location that has opening hours.

1.4      Neighbourhood Journalist: the individual responsible for writing stories and answering questions by email - also referred to as ‘a Journalist’.

1.5      Quantity: the quantity percentage indicates how much a particular type of business information is available on Wojolo relative to the actual amount of information in existence. For example, if a neighbourhood had 100 businesses and 85 of them had opening hours displayed on Wojolo, that neighbourhood’s quantity percentage for opening hours would be 85%.

1.6      Accuracy: the accuracy percentage indicates how much of a particular type of business information users can expect to be 100% accurate when it appears on Wojolo. For example, if the accuracy percentage for hours is 95%, it means users can expect that 95 out of 100 sets of hours on Wojolo will be 100% accurate.

Note on Percentages: the quantity and accuracy percentage for each type of business information is an internal estimate based on data gathered by Wojolo. Each percentage is meant to be a guide only. All percentages will be continually updated as more data becomes available.

2. Search Engine

2.1      Description: Wojolo strives to be the best local business search engine available.

2.2      Keyword Types: when using a search engine, a keyword is a word used to find a business. Here are the types of keywords in Wojolo’s search engine:

-Business Names Ex: Kaos Mineral

-Business Name Variations Ex: Chaos Mineral

-Categories Ex: Jewelry Stores, Hardware Shops

-Product Names Ex: Diamonds, Hammers

-Brand Names Ex: Dior Bracelets, Estwing Hammers

-Location-based Ex: Montreal Jewelry, NDG Hardware

*location-based keywords include cities, neighbourhoods, and streets

2.3      Languages: each business is also linked to their corresponding keywords in the other languages available on Wojolo.

2.4      Quantity (Keywords): Wojolo strives to link every business to every possible keyword, however certain types of keywords will be more predominant than others. Here are the starting percentages users can expect in each neighbourhood:

                    a) Business Names, Categories, Location-based: 95%.

                    b) Products Names, Brand Names: since only members will be linked to product and brand name keywords, the quantity of these types of keywords will vary by neighbourhood.

2.5      Quantity (Businesses): the quantity of businesses available may be broken down into two categories:

                    a) Main Streets: a main street is defined as a street with 10 or more businesses within a two-block radius. Users can expect that 99.5% of all businesses on main streets will be available on Wojolo.

                    b) Buildings & Side Streets: the starting percentage for businesses on side streets and in buildings will be below 25%. This number will get closer to 99.5% the longer Wojolo is active in that neighbourhood.

                    c) Cumulative: together, users can expect that 95% of businesses in their neighbourhood will be available on Wojolo.

2.6      Accuracy: when a business is found using a keyword, users can be 99.5% certain that the keyword will accurately reflect the business’s products/services.

3. Basic Business Info

3.1      Description: when a neighbourhood is added to the database, Wojolo instantly becomes the best all-around source for local business information in that neighbourhood.

3.2      Business Name: Wojolo pays special attention to business names:

                    a) Standard: a business’s standard name can be up to 65 characters long.

                    b) Translations: if a translation is available, the correct spelling will appear in the language being used by the user.

                    c) Franchises: if a business is part of a franchise, Wojolo adds the business’s neighbourhood and street to the business name itself. This helps users quickly identify the location they are looking for in the search results.

3.3      Business Descriptions: most business search tools do not include a specific description of what a business specializes in (for example, they will often indicate ‘restaurant’ instead of ‘italian restaurant’). Wojolo strives to make each description as specific as possible to help users make better decisions.

3.4      Addresses: Wojolo’s addresses are the most complete available. They include:

                    a) Address Number: Wojolo pays special attention to accuracy.

                    b) Street Name: Wojolo pays special attention to spelling and orientation (North-East-South-West).

                    c) Suite #: Wojolo includes suites numbers for businesses located in offices.

                    d) Cross Streets: Wojolo includes cross streets so users can visualize a business’s location.

                    e) Google Map: Wojolo uses a Google map embedded in each profile so users can zoom in and out without leaving the webpage.

                    f) Phone Numbers: Wojolo pays special attention in making sure phone numbers are accurate and consistently formatted.

                    g) Delivery: if the business offers delivery services, Wojolo indicates which neighbourhoods they deliver to.

3.5      Quantity: users can be confident that 94.5% of businesses in their neighbourhood will have the above basic info displayed in their profile.

3.6      Accuracy: users can be confident that 99.5% of a business’s basic information will be accurate. Errors are most likely to occur if a business changes its basic information without informing their Neighbourhood Journalist, and neither Wojolo nor an internet user has caught the inaccuracy.

4. Opening Hours

4.1      Description: when a neighbourhood is added to the database, Wojolo instantly becomes the best local source for business opening hours.

4.2      Update Methods: Wojolo keeps hours up-to-date using numerous strategies, most notably by conducting periodic check-ins throughout the year. Inbound updates from users and businesses also help Wojolo keep hours up-to-date.

4.3      Types of Hours: Wojolo allows businesses to display many different types of hours:

                    a) Regular Hours: a business’s regular hours refer to when they are open and closed.

                    b) Delivery Hours: when a business offers delivery services, these hours are displayed separately (even if they are the same as the regular hours).

                    c) Industry Hours: oftentimes a business has hours-within-hours. For example, a restaurant may have specific breakfast hours, while a car dealer may have garage and showroom hours in addition to their regular hours. When a business has hours-within-hours, Wojolo makes the distinctions.

                    d) Vacation Hours: sometimes businesses close when the owner goes on vacation. Wojolo allows users to quickly check if a business has reopened... or is still closed.

                    e) Renovation Hours: when businesses close for renovations, Wojolo reminds users when the business plans on reopening.

                    f) Seasonal Hours: some businesses change their hours heading into a new season like winter or summer. Wojolo helps users stay up-to-date.

                    g) Holiday Hours: Wojolo helps users navigate holiday hours (and not just the Christmas holidays).

                               i) ‘Open Now’: if a holiday, Wojolo’s ‘open now’ feature helps users quickly find out who is open... and who is not. Only businesses who are members will have active holiday hours and appear in ‘open now’ searches; the hours for non-members will appear as ‘Not Available’.

                               ii) National and Local Holidays: Wojolo employs a system-wide update of all hours during national and local holidays.

                               iii) Religious Holidays: Wojolo does not employ a system-wide update of hours during religious holidays, however businesses who observe religious holidays may contact Wojolo to update their hours.

4.4      Quantity: users can be confident that 85% of businesses in their neighbourhood will have opening hours displayed. While most search tools allow businesses to display hours, none are able to come close to this quantity percentage.

                    a) National and Local Holidays: since only members will have holiday hours active, the quantity of holiday hours available will vary by neighbourhood.

                    b) Religious Holidays: since businesses must contact Wojolo to update their hours for religious holidays, the quantity of religious holiday hours available will vary by neighbourhood.

4.5      Accuracy: users can be confident that 95% of the hours displayed in Wojolo’s database will be accurate. The accuracy statistic is partially dependent on how long Wojolo has been active in a given neighbourhood, and should consistently move closer to 99.9%. If a business repeatedly alters their hours without informing Wojolo, their hours will be switched to ‘Not Available’ (see section 3.10 of the Free Service Terms for more detail).

5. Links

5.1      Description: Wojolo is not just a ‘destination; it is also a ‘platform’. Wojolo links to external websites to help local users make better decisions.

                    a) Official Website: official websites are useful for information that may not be available on Wojolo.

                    b) Social Media: many businesses have active social media pages (such as   Facebook and Twitter). Wojolo lets users know who.

                    c) Email Addresses: Wojolo will include emails when available.

5.2      Quantity: the quantity percentages for each type of link are as follows:

                    a) Official Websites: users can be confident that 99.5% of businesses that have official websites will have a link to that website on their profile (this means users can be confident that if a business does not have an official website link visible on their profile, it means it is unlikely they have an official website).

                    b) Social Media: since only members will have social media links available, the quantity of links will vary by neighbourhood.

                    c) Email Addresses: since only members will have email addresses available, the quantity of email addresses will vary by neighbourhood.

5.3      Accuracy: users can be confident that the 99.5% of all links will be accurate.

6. Brochures

6.1      Description: having a high percentage of brochures available is convenient for local users, and helps them make better, faster, decisions.

6.2      Quantity: users can be confident that 85% of available brochures in a given neighbourhood will appear on Wojolo. This is a free service for local businesses, meaning if a business has a brochure available, it is likely it will be displayed.

6.3      Accuracy: 95% of brochures project to be accurate at all times. The majority of errors will occur when a business updates their prices, products and/or services, but fails to create a new brochure and/or contact Wojolo. In such instances, Wojolo will remove the brochure until an updated version is available. Wojolo performs periodic updates and will remove a business’s brochures if they consistently update them without informing Wojolo.

7. Feature Stories

7.1      Description: users can enjoy reading in-depth feature stories about local businesses with story angles ranging from how the business began to exposés on employees, customers, products, and services. All types of businesses qualify for a story.

7.2      Quantity: since only members will have feature stories displayed, the quantity of stories available will vary by neighbourhood.

7.3      Accuracy: users can be confident that all stories will be 99.5% accurate since all information will come from those who operate the business.

8. Photos

8.1      Description: pictures let users get a closer look at local businesses without actually visiting them.

8.2      Captions: Wojolo uses simple but descriptive captions to describe each picture. All captions will appear in the language that the user is searching in.

8.3      Quantity: since only members will have photos displayed, the quantity of photos available will vary by neighbourhood.

8.4      Accuracy: users can be confident that 99.5% of the captions will match their picture.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1      Personal Information: Wojolo does not collect or solicit personal information of any kind from its users.

9.2      Contacting Journalists: any contact information collected as a result of an interaction between a user and a Journalist will not be shared with any 3rd-party organizations without the user’s consent. A copy of the interaction will be kept in Wojolo’s archives.

9.3      Facebook Pages: all interactions with Wojolo on www.facebook.com are subject to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

9.4      Statistics: Wojolo collects statistics to help improve its services. These statistics pertain to the behavior of Wojolo’s users and they may be communicated to local businesses.

10. Contact Us

10.1    Description: to find Wojolo’s local contact info, users may type the name of their neighbourhood or city into Wojolo’s search box; the first result will be their neighbourhood or city’s Wojolo profile, and it will include both an email address and phone number.

                    a) Email: users may contact their local Neighbourhood Journalist by email.

                    b) Phone: users may contact their region’s Wojolo Head Office by phone.

                    c) Head Office: users may contact Wojolo’s corporate head office by phone, mail, or email:

Corporate Head Office

2001 University #1700

Montreal, QC H3A 2A6

(514) 244-5362


Term Translations

If there are any inconsistencies between the different translations of Wojolo’s User Terms and Conditions, the English version will take precedence.