Terms and Conditions - Members

Last updated: April 21st, 2013

Please note that the following terms apply ONLY to members.

Agreement to ‘Member Terms and Conditions’

The ‘Member Terms and Conditions’ are written to be detailed but as user-friendly as possible. When a business becomes a member it is agreeing to these terms, including all future amendments. Owners, managers, and/or employees who wish clarification on any point are encouraged to contact a local Wojolo representative by phone or email (see section 10). Wojolo reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions

2. Early-Bird Package

3. Upgrade: Feature Story

4. Upgrade: Advanced SEO

5. Upgrade: Holiday Hours

6. Upgrade: Photos

7: Upgrade: Links

8. Payment Terms

9. Refunds

10. Contact Us

1. Definitions

1.1      Wojolo: the local representatives of the corporation Wojolo Search Engine Inc or the website www.wojolo.com.

1.2      Business: the owner(s) and/or representative(s) of a business. Term is used to denote any place that has opening hours.

1.3      Business Profile: all the content pertaining to a business on www.wojolo.com. Term can be used interchangeably with ‘profile’ or ‘listing’.

1.4      Upgrade: an upgrade is a paid service used to maximize a business’s internet exposure. All upgrades cover 365 days and are paid in advance of activation (note: the Early-Bird Package is considered to be one upgrade).

1.5      Member: a business who signs-up for an upgrade is considered to be a member.

1.6      Membership Year: a membership year spans 365 day and starts the day after the business signs-up for an upgrade and ends at midnight on the sign-up anniversary date.

1.7      Keyword: a keyword is a word used by an internet user to find a business when using  Wojolo’s search engine

1.8      Keyword Link: when a business gets a ‘keyword link’ it means they will now be found in the search results when someone uses that keyword. Common usage: ‘linking to a keyword’.

1.9      Search Rank: refers to where a business appears in Wojolo’s search results relative to other businesses linked to the same keyword (see sections 4.4 and 4.5).

1.10    Neighbourhood Journalist: the individual responsible for writing stories and  answering questions by email - also referred to as ‘a Journalist’.

1.11    Waiting List: used to help Wojolo manage demand, all businesses interested in a feature story must join their neighbourhood’s Waiting List. Joining the Waiting List is free and businesses are under no obligation to purchase a feature story when their turn on the list arrives.

1.12    Refunds: all upgrades can be refunded. For details regarding refunds, see section 9.

1.13    Annual Setup Limits: each type of upgrade has its own annual setup limits.

1.14    Activation Timeline: each type of upgrade has its own activation timeline, which is the number of business days between sign-up and an upgrade being posted to a business’s profile. If a business does not renew their upgrade it will be removed from their profile on the anniversary of the upgrade’s activation, not the business’s sign-up. All activation timelines are meant to be a guide only.

1.15    Courtesy Updates: each type of upgrade comes with a limited number of courtesy updates, which are the number of times Wojolo agrees to do an update in a business year (see 1.7) before additional fees will apply. All requests to update a business’s profile will be considered a courtesy update, regardless of the size of the update. Update requests may be made by phone or email, however only email will be used to confirm that a courtesy update was completed. The timeline to complete all courtesy updates is two (2) business days. Additional update fees vary by upgrade and region.

2. Early-Bird Package

2.1      Description: Wojolo rewards businesses who sign-up early by packaging all of its upgrades into a single low-cost bundle. The Early-Bird price expires on a different date in each neighbourhood, at which point all upgrades in that neighbourhood must be purchased separately.

2.2      Industry Special: in each neighbourhood, the first business in each industry will be offered an Industry Special which is a 25% discount on the already discounted Early-Bird Package. The purpose of the Industry Special is to promote the integration of a wide range of stories and keywords in each neighbourhood. The Industry Special is a one-time offer that has no expiration date. Businesses agree that Wojolo is the sole decider regarding which industry each business will be categorized under (ex: asian restaurants vs chinese restaurants).

2.3      Waiting List: joining the Waiting List will allow the business to reserve (1) their neighbourhood’s Early-Bird Price, and (2) a search rank linked to the date and time they joined the Waiting List (see section 4.5 for more detail). If the business does not sign-up for the Early-Bird Package when their turn on the Waiting List arrives, they will lose both the Early-Bird Price and their preferred search rank. In this instance the business will be able to go to the back end of the Waiting List, however regular prices will apply the next time their turn arrives.

                    a) Sign-up Weeks: Wojolo’s Waiting Lists use the weekly time unit to determine when stories are written. Week 1 starts on the first Monday of every calendar year while Week 52 starts on the last Monday of every calendar year. When a business sign-ups for a feature story, they will be linked to one of these 52 weeks, which will be the week their new story is written the following year. This week is independent of the business’s sign-up anniversary date (see section 8.5).

                    b) Payment Deadlines: businesses who agree to sign-up for a story must complete their payment by Saturday at 15:00 in order to confirm their interview for the following week. Failure to complete payment by this deadline means the business will go to the back end of the Waiting List and Wojolo will be within its rights to accept payment from the next business on the list

                    c) Replacement Businesses: replacement businesses will have until their interview to complete payment. No interviews will be conducted prior to payments having been completed.

                    d) Wojolo Montreal: the Waiting List for each neighbourhood will be submitted to Wojolo’s Canadian headquarters in Montreal following each neighbourhood’s Early-Bird expiration date. Local representatives will therefore not be in a position to extend the Early-Bird deadline under any circumstances.

2.4      Refunds: see section 9.

2.5      Annual Setup Limits: the annual setup limit for each type of upgrade applies.

2.6      Activation Timeline: the activation timeline for each type of upgrade applies.

2.7      Courtesy Updates: the courtesy update guideline for each type of upgrade applies.

3. Upgrade: Feature Story

3.1      Description: the Feature Story (also referred to as ‘the story’) gives businesses exclusive exposure relative to their local competition on a website that attracts a high volume of local visitors as a result of being the most reliable source for local opening hours. The story is featured in Wojolo’s database for 365 days and will remain on the business’s profile as long as they have an active membership that includes a story upgrade. Businesses are encouraged to link to stories from their official website and social media pages to gain even wider exposure.

                    a) Written Annually: feature stories are written annually with the most recent feature story appearing first on the business’s profile.

                    b) Unique Story Angles: story angles range from how the business began to exposés on longtime clients. Wojolo has an annual recommended schedule to follow, however businesses may choose their story angle each year.

                    c) Internet SEO: the annual nature of the story ensures new content for the business each year which helps their page rank on internet search engines (ex: Google, Bing).

                    d) Fresh Online Content: the annual nature of the story keeps a business’s online presence up-to-date by making sure internet users always find current information about them.

3.2      Portrait: Journalists will be responsible for taking story portraits. Businesses are strongly encouraged to use a portrait featuring people as this adds to the story’s human angle, however different types of portraits may be used.

3.3      Translations: Wojolo offers feature story translations for all languages available on www.wojolo.com. Translations allow businesses to expand their story’s linguistic exposure, and expand their SEO coverage on internet search engines to other languages. For quality control purposes, businesses may not submit translated stories.

3.4      Laminations: Wojolo offers story laminations so businesses may display their story to customers in person. Display examples include placing the story on a wall, window, by a cash register, or using multiple laminated copies as placemats (if a restaurant). Businesses will receive all laminations by mail (see section 3.10 for more detail).

3.5      Story Approval: Journalists will make their best attempts to give businesses the opportunity to proofread stories, however this is a goodwill gesture and business approval of stories is not required to move forward with laminations or the posting of stories to the internet. Under no circumstances will Wojolo be responsible for producing a second laminated copy of the same story.

3.6      Story Ownership: businesses agree that Wojolo owns 100% of all feature stories.

                    a) Lamination Ownership: Wojolo agrees that businesses own the stand-alone laminated versions of their stories and are permitted to use these laminations publicly even if they no longer have an active membership.

                    b) Unauthorized Use: businesses who no longer have an active story upgrade are not permitted to have any stories written by Wojolo appear on the internet (whether on their official website or elsewhere). Parties displaying unauthorized content will be asked to remove it immediately. If they fail to do so, Wojolo may seek damages equivalent to the following calculation: the daily cost of the upgrade multiplied by the number of days since the membership expired, multiplied by 50 for compensation of time and legal fees. This formula will apply for all other instances of unauthorized use of content.

3.7      Waiting List: the same Waiting List terms apply as with the Early-Bird Package (see section 2.3).

3.8      Refunds: see section 9.

3.9      Annual Setup Limits: all stories will be between 450 and 550 words.

3.10    Activation Timeline: the activation timelines for the story upgrade are as follows:

                    a) Interviews: 0-to-9 business days

                    b) Stories: 0-to-14 business days

                    c) Translations: 1-to-17 business days

                    d) Laminations: 3-to-19 business days

3.11    Courtesy Updates: businesses will be allowed one (1) courtesy update to their story after it has been posted to Wojolo’s database. Requests concerning fact-based mistakes will not count.

4. Upgrade: Advanced SEO

4.1      Description: Wojolo’s Advanced SEO upgrade allows businesses to be linked to an unlimited number of keywords in Wojolo’s search engine. It also gives businesses the highest possible search rank relative to their sign-up date (see section 4.5).

4.2      Keywords: keywords help users find businesses using Wojolo’s search engine. The more keywords a business is linked to, the more often that business will be found.

                    a) Basic SEO keyword types: all businesses receive Wojolo’s Basic SEO Package for free. It includes the following keyword types: (1) a business’s name (2) all variations of the business’s name (3) all categories the business qualifies for (4) all available translations of the business’s keywords (5) all location-based keywords at the city, neighbourhood, and street levels (ex: Montreal Bakeries, NDG Bakeries, Water Street Bakeries).

                    b) Advanced SEO keyword types: the Advanced SEO upgrade includes the addition of product keyword types (ex: Lasagna, Rollerblades) and brand keyword types (ex: Trek Mountain Bikes, Nike shoes). Both keyword types can be purchased independently.

4.3      Keywords Approval: businesses agree to defer to the expertise of their Journalist and do not hold Wojolo accountable for any repercussions resulting from being linked to a keyword that is an inaccurate representation of their products/services. Wojolo reserves the right to deny any keyword link request if it feels the link will not be beneficial to users of the database.

4.4      Search Rank Advantage: having an Advanced SEO upgrade will manually place businesses higher than their competitors in Wojolo’s search results.

4.5      Search Rank Tie-breakers: if two businesses both have the Advanced SEO upgrade activated, the business with an earlier sign-up date/time will appear higher.

                    a) Reservations: as indicated in section 2.3, businesses may reserve a date/time by joining their neighbourhood’s Waiting List.

                    b) Cancellations: businesses cancelling their Advanced SEO upgrade will retain their priority search rank. If they wish to reactivate their membership in the future, however, these terms are subject to change without notice.

4.6      Waiting List: businesses purchasing the Advanced SEO upgrade on its own do not need to join their neighbourhood’s Waiting List.

4.7      Refunds: see section 9.

4.8      Annual Setup Limits: there are no limits to the number of keywords that a business can be linked to; however the Journalist is only required to link a business to 100 new product keywords, 100 new brand keywords, or a total of 200 new keywords per membership year.

4.9      Activation Timeline: the activation timeline for the Advanced SEO upgrade is 0-to-5 business days.

4.10    Courtesy Updates: businesses will be allowed two (2) courtesy keyword updates per membership year. Requests to remove keyword links that are no longer accurate will not count.

5. Upgrade: Holiday Hours

5.1      Description: customers are often unsure of holiday business hours, and most do not risk visiting a business if it might be closed. Wojolo is the only independent source that allows businesses to communicate holiday hours.

                    a) Members Only: businesses who do not have the Holiday Hours upgrade will have their hours switched to ‘Not Available’ starting at 5:00 am on the date of the holiday until 4:59 am the following day.

                    b) ‘Open Now’: Wojolo’s ‘open now’ feature will help users quickly find out who is open... and who is not. Only businesses who are members will appear in ‘open now’ search results.

                    c) National and Local Holidays: a system-wide update of all hours will occur on national and local holidays. For a list of holidays recognized by Wojolo, businesses may contact a local representative (see section 10).

                    d) Religious Holidays: Wojolo does not employ a system-wide update of hours during religious holidays, however businesses who observe religious holidays may contact Wojolo to update their hours.

5.2      Single Holiday Upgrades: businesses have the option of purchasing holiday hour upgrades one holiday at a time. The price of a single holiday update is calculated by dividing the price of the city’s Holiday Hours upgrade by the number of recognized holidays for that calendar year. Each set of holiday hours spans 24 hours, even if the holiday itself spans multiple days.

5.3      Waiting List: businesses purchasing the Holiday Hours upgrade on its own do not need to join their neighbourhood’s Waiting List.

5.4      Refunds: businesses who purchase the Holiday Hours upgrade on its own may receive a refund for unused holidays. The amount of the refund will be equal to the cost of a single holiday in their city, multiplied by the number of holidays left in their membership. For a holiday to be included in the refund, Wojolo must receive the refund request seven (7) business days prior to the holiday in question.

5.5      Annual Setup Limits: Wojolo will make two (2) outbound attempts to gather a set of holiday hours after which point the business will need to contact Wojolo by email or phone to complete the update. If Wojolo has not received a business’s hours for a particular holiday, the business will not qualify for a refund and their hours will be switched to ‘Not Available’ (Wojolo will not assume the business’s regular hours apply unless otherwise indicated).

5.6      Activation Timeline: to have active hours on a given holiday, businesses must have completed the upgrade payment two (2) business days prior to the holiday in question.

5.7      Courtesy Updates: businesses may change their hours one (1) time per holiday after Wojolo has completed the holiday’s original update.

6. Upgrade: Pictures

6.1      Description: businesses may purchase the picture upgrade which includes up to 25 pictures related to their business. Pictures can be of their business premises, events, or of people (owners, managers, employees, customers etc).

6.2      Picture Ownership: businesses agree that pictures taken by a Wojolo representative are the property of Wojolo.

                    a) Submitted Picture Rules: businesses will retain ownership of pictures they submitted. It is recommended that the business keep a copy of the email used to send these pictures to Wojolo, including a reply from their Journalist acknowledging that Wojolo does not own the pictures in the email. Please note that businesses will not receive a discount for having taken pictures themselves. Wojolo reserves the right to decline the use of pictures for any reason or no reason.

                    b) Unauthorized Use: businesses with an expired membership who are displaying pictures taken by Wojolo will be asked to take the pictures down immediately. Please see section 3.6b for information on how Wojolo calculates compensation.

6.3      Waiting List: businesses purchasing the pictures upgrade on its own do not need to join their neighbourhood’s Waiting List.

6.4      Refunds: see section 9.

6.5      Annual Setup Limits: each picture upgrade comes with 25 pictures. Each year the business renews the upgrade they may add 25 pictures to their profile. For all of a business’s pictures to remain active, they must have an active pictures upgrade.

6.6      Activation Timeline: the activation timeline for the picture upgrade is 0-to-3 business days.

6.7      Courtesy Updates: Wojolo allows for two (2) courtesy updates to a business’s pictures per membership year.

7. Upgrade: Links

7.1      Description: Wojolo offers linking opportunities to help businesses generate additional activity surrounding their online presence outside of www.wojolo.com.

                    a) Link to Email: for businesses where an email address is important. Businesses can display their exact email address (ex: john.smith@wojolo.com) or link to a Contact Us page.

                    b) Link to Social Media: businesses that are actively using social media websites can use Wojolo to forward customers to these pages. Social Media websites are defined as any website that the business believes adds value to their online presence. Example: businesses may link to Facebook to increase their ‘likes’, Twitter to increase their ‘followers’, or Yelp if it has useful customer comments.

7.2      Waiting List: businesses purchasing linking upgrades on their own do not need to join their neighbourhood’s Waiting List.

7.3      Refunds: see section 9.

7.4      Set-up Limits: businesses may link to one (1) email address and up to three (3) social media sites.

7.5      Activation Timeline: the activation timeline for all links is 0-to-2 business days.

7.6      Updates: Wojolo allows for up to two (2) courtesy updates for each type of link per membership year.

8. Payment Terms

8.1      Local Prices: all prices vary per region. Businesses may contact their local Wojolo representatives for prices in their region (see section 10). All prices are subject to change without notice.

8.2      Setup Fee: each upgrade type has a local setup fee that is applicable each membership year. The amount of the setup fee varies by upgrade and region (businesses may receive a setup fee credit by choosing Option A of section 9.2).

8.3      Payment Method: Wojolo accepts all major credit cards. Cash and cheque are not accepted.

8.4      Upgrade Activation: businesses must complete all payments before any upgrade will be activated.

8.5      Auto-Renewals: to ensure uninterrupted service, all Wojolo upgrades will be renewed automatically on the business’s sign-up anniversary date.

8.6      Cancellation Policy: businesses may cancel their membership at any time by contacting a local Wojolo representative (see section 10).

9. Refunds

9.1      Description: Wojolo is committed to offering businesses the most flexible refund terms possible while also taking into consideration setup costs.

9.2      Options: all businesses have two (2) refund options (note: if upgrades were purchased separately, the refund for each type of upgrade will be calculated separately):

                    a) Option A (default): the business will be credited their upgrade setup fee upon sign-up by agreeing that no refund may exceed the upgrade’s setup fee. Any refund will be prorated (see section 9.3).

                    b) Option B: the business will pay the upgrade’s setup fee upon sign-up and will retain the option of getting a full refund. The setup fee will be non-refundable and any refund will be prorated.

9.3      Prorated Calculations: all refunds will be prorated and based on how much time the business has left in their 365-day membership year.

                    a) Minimum Months Requirement: each type of upgrade has a designated number of membership months required to cover the setup fee. If a business requests a refund and they have not reached the minimum month’s requirement for their upgrade, their refund will be equivalent to the cost of their upgrade minus its setup fee. If the business has surpassed their minimum month’s requirement, Wojolo will then calculate how many months they qualify to get a refund for. For the minimum months requirement for each upgrade, businesses may contact a local Wojolo representative (see section 10).

                    b) Qualifying Months: the number of months a business has left in their membership is calculated as follows: divide the number of days the business has left before their sign-up anniversary date by 30.44, then round the result down to the nearest whole number.

                    c) Average Monthly Cost: Wojolo will use the average monthly cost of the business’s upgrade to help determine the refund amount. The average monthly cost is calculated by dividing the pre-tax cost of the upgrade by 12 (months).

                    d) Refund Amount: the final refund amount will be calculated by multiplying the number of refund months the business qualifies for by the average monthly cost of the business’s upgrade.

9.4      Administration Fee: all refunds are subject to an administration fee that will be subtracted from the refund amount. The cost of the administration fee varies per region and upgrade. If multiple upgrades were purchased separately, only one fee will apply.

10. Contact Us

10.1    Description: to find Wojolo’s local contact info, businesses may type the name of their neighbourhood or city into Wojolo’s search box; the first result will be their neighbourhood or city’s Wojolo profile, and it will include both an email address and phone number.

                    a) Email: businesses may contact their Neighbourhood Journalist by email.

                    b) Phone: businesses may contact their region’s Head Office by phone.

                    c) Head Office: businesses may contact Wojolo’s corporate head office by phone, mail, or email:

Corporate Head Office

2001 University #1700

Montreal, QC H3A 2A6

(514) 244-5362


Term Translations

If there are any inconsistencies between the different translations of Wojolo’s Member Terms and Conditions, the English version will take precedence.