Terms and Conditions - Free Services

Last updated: April 21st, 2013

Please note that the following terms apply to ALL businesses (both members and non-members)

Agreement to ‘Free Service Terms and Conditions’

The ‘Free Service Terms and Conditions’ are written with the intention of being detailed but as user-friendly as possible. By appearing in Wojolo’s database, businesses are agreeing to these terms, including all future amendments. Owners, managers, and/or employees who wish clarification on any point are encouraged to contact Wojolo by phone or email (see section 7). Wojolo reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions

2. Free Service: Wojolo Listing

3. Free Service: Opening Hours

4. Free Service: Brochure Display

5. Free Service: Basic SEO

6. Free Service: Link to Website

7. Contact Us

1. Definitions

1.1      Wojolo: the local representatives of the corporation Wojolo Search Engine Inc.

1.2      Business: the owner(s) and/or representative(s) of a business. Term is used to denote any place that has opening hours.

1.3      Free Service: all free services come without setup fees or recurring costs.

1.4      Keyword: a keyword is a word used by an internet user to find a business when using Wojolo’s search engine

1.5      Keyword Link: when a business gets a ‘keyword link’ it means they will now be found in the search results when someone uses that keyword. Common usage: ‘linking to a keyword’.

1.6      Neighbourhood Journalist: the individual responsible for writing stories and answering questions by email - also referred to as ‘a Journalist’.

1.7      Business Year: a business year spans 365 day and starts the date the business is added to Wojolo and ends at midnight the day before the anniversary date. Term is used to quantify courtesy update timelines (see 1.10).

1.8      User: anyone using Wojolo’s services to find business information.

1.9      Setup Limits: each type of service has its own annual setup limits.

1.10    Courtesy Updates: each type of service comes with a limited number of courtesy updates, which are the number of times Wojolo agrees to do an update in a business year (see 1.7) before additional fees will apply. All requests to update a business’s profile will be considered a courtesy update, regardless of the size of the update. Update requests may be made by phone or email, however only email will be used to confirm that a courtesy update was completed. The timeline to complete all courtesy updates is two (2) business days. Additional update fees vary by service and region.

2. Free Service: Wojolo Listing

2.1      Description: all locations with opening hours qualify for a Wojolo listing (see section 2.5 for exceptions).

2.2      Business Name: Wojolo gives businesses flexibility when it comes to their name:

                     a) Standard: a business’s standard name can have up to 65 characters.

                     b) Translations: if a translation is available, the correct spelling will appear in the  language being used by the user.

                     c) Franchises: if a business is part of a franchise, Wojolo adds the business’s neighbourhood and street to the business name itself (this helps users quickly identify the location they are looking for in the search results). Franchises may decline this service.

2.3      Business Descriptions: most business search tools do not include a specific description of what a business specializes in (for example, they will indicate ‘restaurant’ instead of ‘italian restaurant’). Wojolo strives to make each description as specific as possible to help users make better decisions. Businesses may request to customize their description.

2.4      Addresses: businesses have access to the most complete address available:

                    a) Address Number

                    b) Street Name: Wojolo pays special attention to spelling and orientation (North-East-South-West).

                    c) Suite #: for office-based businesses.

                    d) Cross Streets: customers can quickly visualize a business’s location.

                    e) Google Map: customers can zoom in and out without leaving the webpage.

                    f)  Phone Number: businesses may include one (1) phone number.

                    g) Delivery: businesses that offer delivery services may include the neighbourhoods they deliver to.

2.5      Listing Guidelines: the following are guidelines pertaining to all Wojolo listings:

                    a) Listing Activation: Wojolo’s policy is to visit all businesses before creating a listing for them, however Wojolo makes no guarantee to do so. Businesses can expect to be added to the database within 0-to-5 days of the visit unless they request otherwise.

                   b) Listing Deactivation: Wojolo agrees to deactivate any listing within two (2) business days of the request. It is recommended that any deactivation request be made by email (see section 7 for local contact info).

                    c) Legal: no business will be added if their products/services are illegal in nature.

                    d) Right to Refusal: Wojolo reserves the right to decline adding a business for any reason or no reason.

2.6      Setup Limits: businesses receive one (1) listing for each language offered by Wojolo.

2.7      Courtesy Updates: Wojolo agrees to complete up to three (3) courtesy updates per business year in regards to the free services offered as part of the Wojolo Listing.

3. Free Service: Opening Hours

3.1      Description: businesses can take advantage of Wojolo’s free opening hours service to communicate hours to their customers. Updates can be made by phone or email.

3.2      Types of Hours: Wojolo allows businesses to display many different types of hours:    

                    a) Regular Hours: a business’s regular hours refer to when they open and close. All business hours are termed ‘Regular Hours’ by default.

                    b) Delivery Hours: businesses that offer delivery services may indicate these hours separately.

                    c) Industry Hours: businesses may display multiple types of hours in addition to their regular hours (ex: breakfast hours, showroom hours etc).

                    d) Vacation Hours: businesses may set-up vacation hours to let their customers know when they are out-of-town. This is especially useful to remind customers when they plan to reopen.

                    e) Renovation Hours: businesses may set-up renovation hours to let their customers know how long they anticipate being closed for.

                    f) Seasonal Hours: businesses who change their hours depending on the season may indicate which seasonal hours are currently active (ex: winter, summer etc).

                    g) Holiday Hours: see section 5 of Member Terms for more info.

3.3      Updating Hours: to ensure a high level of accuracy across the database, Wojolo makes it easy for businesses to update their hours:

                    a) Inbound Updates: businesses are encouraged to contact Wojolo by phone or email to update their hours (see section 7 for local contact info).

                    b) Outbound Updates: Wojolo conducts outbound updates to catch inaccuracies.

                    c) Two-Strike Rule: a business that has updated their hours without contacting Wojolo is at risk of having their hours switched to ‘Not Available’. Wojolo’s policy is to deactivate a business’s hours for 12 months if it fails to contact Wojolo two times in a row. This rule excludes Holiday Hours.

3.4      Setup Limits: businesses may display as many different types of hours as they wish so long as Wojolo deems the hours to be relevant to local users.

3.5      Courtesy Updates: there are no limits to the number of courtesy updates Wojolo will conduct in order to keep a business’s hours up-to-date. Wojolo does, however, reserve the right to permanently switch a business’s hours to ‘Not Available’ if it feels the business is not acting in good faith.

4. Free Service: Brochure Display

4.1      Description: brochures help customers make purchasing decisions. They also help businesses keep pace with their local competition.

4.2      Languages: businesses may display brochures in different languages to accommodate customers in different linguistic groups.

4.3      Ownership: Wojolo agrees that it does not own the content of scanned materials. In using Wojolo’s services, all businesses agree that Wojolo may display scanned materials on their behalf. Wojolo is, however, under no obligation to provide scanned materials to a business upon request.

4.4      Setup Limits: Wojolo agrees to upload up to five (5) scans for up to two (2)

different languages

                    a) Scan Size: to maximize the user experience, Wojolo scans smaller surface areas to increase visibility when a brochure image is amplified on a computer screen or mobile device.

                    b) Upgrade: to activate up to 20 brochure scans per language, businesses may purchase an upgrade of any type (see Member Terms for types of upgrades available).

4.5      Courtesy Updates: Wojolo agrees to complete two (2) courtesy brochure updates per business year so long as the updates remain within the original setup limits.

5. Free Service: Basic SEO

5.1      Description: all businesses receive a strong starting package of keywords for Wojolo’s search engine.

5.2      Keyword Types: the following are different keyword types that a business may link to:

                    a) Business Names: all businesses will be linked to their name.

                    b) Business Name Variations: all businesses will be linked to variations of their name (ex: abbreviations, common misspellings).

                    c) Category Keywords: all businesses will be linked to the categories they represent.

                    d) Product Keywords: see section 4 of Member Terms.

                    e) Brand Keywords: see section 4 of Member Terms.

                    f) Location-based Keywords: all businesses will be linked to location-based keywords at the city, neighbourhood, and street levels (ex: Montreal Bakeries).

                    g) Translations: all businesses will be linked to their keywords in each of the languages available on Wojolo.

5.3      Keywords Approval: businesses agree to defer to the expertise of their Journalist and do not hold Wojolo accountable for any repercussions resulting from being linked to a keyword that is an inaccurate representation of their products/services. Wojolo reserves the right to deny any keyword link request if it feels the link will not be beneficial to users of the database.

5.4      Setup Limits: there are no limits to the number of keywords a business can be linked to as part of the Basic SEO package.

5.5      Courtesy Updates: Wojolo agrees to update a business’s keywords up to three (3) times per year. Deactivating a keyword link that is no longer valid will not count.

6. Free Service: Website Link

6.1      Description: all businesses may link to their official website from their Wojolo profile.

6.2      Additional Links: businesses may also link to up to three (3) social media websites and their email address (see section 7 of Member Terms for more details).

6.3      Setup Limits: businesses may only link to one (1) official website.

6.4      Courtesy Updates: Wojolo agrees to one (1) courtesy update per business year.

7. Contact Us

7.1      Description: to find Wojolo’s local contact info, businesses may type the name of their neighbourhood or city into Wojolo’s search box; the first result will be their neighbourhood or city’s Wojolo profile, and it will include both an email address and phone number.

                    a) Email: businesses may contact their Neighbourhood Journalist by email.

                    b) Phone: businesses may contact their region’s Head Office by phone.

                    c) Head Office: businesses may contact Wojolo’s corporate head office by phone, mail, or email:

Corporate Head Office

2001 University #1700

Montreal, QC H3A 2A6

(514) 228-7431


Term Translations

If there are any inconsistencies between the different translations of Wojolo’s Member Terms and Conditions, the English version will take precedence.